Web Projects

How do we go about this then?

Website’s can be pretty complicated beasts if you’re not well versed in the subject.  We know and understand that and so try and make it as painless as possible.  In all website projects we also include 12 months of free hosting and up to two email accounts using your swanky personalised domain.  No two Web projects are the same, but we’ve broken down the key stages below to give you an idea of how we’d usually work when building a new website.

  • Initial Contact

    Quote Form

    Once you get in touch about your project, we use what you’ve given us to gather a bit more information.  We’ll either then get back in touch to gain a further understanding of what it is you’re looking for, or send over a Proposal document with a full outline of what it is we’ll provide along with a price breakdown

  • Wireframe

    Project Start

    Once you’ve accepted the quotation and are happy with all of the work we’ve set out to do on your project, we’ll start putting together some wireframes.  These are the bare bones of each type of web-page with little to no detail and content.  We do this so you can see exactly where elements will be on the page and can move them around until you’re happy with them!

  • Design

    Add Colour!

    When the wireframes have been signed off by yourselves, we then build upon them to create a more visually driven mock up of how your website will look.  At this point we usually use what we call ‘placeholder text’ around the visuals.  We do this so that we can focus on the design as apposed to the content.

  • Build

    Make It Happen

    You’ve now got a full set of visuals that you think looks awesome.  Now it’s time for the really fun stuff – to build it!  We gather the details of your domain ( or help you get one if you don’t have one yet, ) and then use the signed off designs to make your website a reality.  Whilst we’re doing this we ask for you to go and gather all of the relevant text and imagery that you’d like to use throughout the website.

  • Amend

    Adding In The Content

    We then take your content and add it into the website, turning it into your final product!

  • Test & Release

    The Final Checks

    After we’ve signed off the website on our end we ask you to go through the website and make sure that you’re happy with everything, that the finished product reflects the signed off designs and that it all works as it should.  Once you’re happy to sign it off, we release it into the big bad world.  Congratulations, your new website is live!

Hopefully you’ve now got a better idea on how it all actually works when creating a new website.  If you’d like to get in touch to make a start on your new project hit the Quote button below, or if you’ve still got any unanswered questions click the FAQs button to take you back to our FAQ page.

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