Print & Branding Projects

How does it all work when we go through a design project?

We understand that not everyone has worked with Graphic Designers before and sometimes the whole process can be a little bit daunting.  We try our very hardest to make every step of the way nice and simple to digest and ensure that you understand and are kept in the loop at every turn.  We’ve broken down the key steps of a design project below!

  • Initial Contact

    Quote Form

    After filling in the Quote form on our website we’ve got the basis of what it is you’re looking for.  We’ll then send over a Proposal document which outlines what it is exactly we’re creating, what you’ll receive and a price breakdown for the project

  • Research

    A Bit More Information

    Once the quotation has been signed off and you’ve agreed to start work on the project we then get in touch with a variety of quick questions to really gain an insight into what it is you’re looking for.  What you like, don’t like, that sort of thing.  We then add in some creative input to let you know our thoughts and just have a conversation about it all!

  • Initial Design

    Start Work

    Once we’ve gotten a firm understanding of the project we’ll start work on your designs.  We usually send over four to six initial designs for you to take away and have a look at.  We call these initial designs because they’re all open to interpretation and can be amended to suit your needs.  We ask you to pick one to develop further.

  • Developed Design


    Once you’ve picked which design you’d like to use to go forwards with the project, we have three rounds of revisions in which you can ask for tweaks and changes to the design until you really, really love it.

  • Sign Off


    When you’ve signed off on your design, we then send over an invoice and start preparing your final high quality artwork.  Once this has been paid we send over a link to download all of your project assets, and get that design work put to good use!  If printing is part of the project we ask you for a name and delivery address and send the items to print.  It really is that simple!

As you can see we really do try and keep our clients in the loop at all times.  This ensures you maintain full control over the direction of your artwork and can see exactly what’s happening at all times.  if you’d like to make a start on your next project hit the Quote button below, or if there’s still anything you’re unsure about click the FAQs button to take you back to our FAQ page.

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