Expanding my potential

I’ve been a Graphic Designer now for nine years and I can honestly say it’s the most amazing and rewarding job in the world.  As anyone who works in the creative or Tech industry will tell you, things change dramatically in short spaces of time.  I’ve always specialised in print design, and up until around four years ago I never thought anything of it.  Whilst at Uni studying my Bachelors Degree, I wrote my dissertation on how Graphic Design is being taught to up and coming artists, and it was then I realised that although Print is still a large part of the Design world, a lot of media is now online.  Whether it be Social Media, Advertising, and now more commonly even Editorial Magazines.

Having something online is by far the quickest and most efficient way of getting information out to people, and as a Designer if you’d like to keep up to date with new Technology and processes unless you’re on the ball with various Blogs and News websites you quickly get left behind.  It was then my mind was opened to the fact that if I was to move along with the industry not from a consumers point of view, but with a career mindset then Web Design and creating content online was to be my next learning adventure.

I’ve recently just started another business alongside ‘Its All Good’ and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to teach myself Web Design.  I’m only a couple of weeks into it, but from what I’ve learned I’m well and truly loving it.  Stay tuned for my progress on building my first ever site!  In the upcoming months I’ll share with you the ins and outs on how I found it, and how it may be something you could look into doing yourself!